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Lutheran Evangelicals

Lutheran Evangelicals —  Calvinism is a perennial evangelical trend.  Why not Lutheranism? This brief, readable article provides several ways to sort out the Lutheran “way” and why [paraphrased] “it is harder for folks simply to find Lutheranism than it is for them to find Calvinism. I don’t mean that it’s harder geographically to find a Lutheran Church. Rather, it’s harder to “find” Lutheranism intellectually than it is to find Calvinism intellectually. By that I do not mean that Lutheranism is any more difficult to understand than Calvinism; I mean instead that it is harder for him to read his way into Lutheranism than it is for him to read his way into Calvinism.”  The writer is a political scientist at Texas A&M.  See also the helpful links at the end of the article.

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