on Religious Liberty and Christian Higher Education

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February 12, 2017
The Two Kingdoms Network is pleased to present seven perspectives on the current conditions of religious liberty in our culture and the implications for Christian and other religious colleges and universities. Our contributors are recognized and published scholars in this field.

At this writing, many observers are considering related implications of political changes at the state and national levels of government. Regulatory bodies may be refocusing their oversight. Several new appointments to the federal courts are pending including one or more Supreme Court justices. Readers can assess these matters from a two-kingdoms framework as well as from other comprehensive frames of reference.

The symposium is free to print, duplicate, and link in part or in full. Each article includes a link to its PDF format. Please include proper citation and credit to the authors who have freely and generously contributed their work. The order of the series has been randomized. Inclusion does not imply endorsement by The Two Kingdoms Network or Concordia University, Nebraska. We are grateful for the authors' insights.

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