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Richard John Neuhaus, Warts and All

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Richard John Neuhaus, Warts and All  —  Here is Richard Mouw’s book review of Richard John Neuhaus: A Life in the Public Square by Randy Boyagoda (Image Books, 2015).  Neuhaus was expelled from Concordia Seward when he was a student here in the 1950s as a consequence of his leading panty raids during the A Cappella tour.  A more enduring consequence was his encounter with God’s grace when he was gently confronted about his attitude by one of our professors.  Neuhaus became a Lutheran pastor, switched to Catholicism, wrote The Naked Public Square in 1984, and founded the journal, First Things.  For a critique of Neuhaus and his work, see The Theocons by Damon Linker (Anchor, 2007)

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