Items included for this subject area come from a variety of sources. The perspectives conveyed may or may not express a Lutheran ethos. They can serve our instruction as discussion-starters, examples (positive and negative), and illustrations of intersections between God’s two kingdoms, intersections sometimes characterized by tension, sometimes by congruence. Inclusion does not imply endorsement.

"Open Book" by R. Marxhausen: the Bible, the book open to us all

The Ethics Curriculum in Nazi Germany

Lectures on Inhumanity: Teaching Medical Ethics in German Medical Schools Under Nazism — Students should learn that comparisons and analogies to Nazi Germany are often tenuous.  Nevertheless this study from the Annals of Internal Medicine offers an informed examination of ethics gone awry in one of the most advanced cultures in history: “Course catalogs and […]

The College Students Who Joined ISIS

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How Two Mississippi College Students Fell in Love and Decided to Join a Terrorist Group: Says Bobby Ross at GetReligion about this indepth account, “Readers learn how a young Christian woman raised in a church where her mother teaches Sunday school converted to Islam and quickly became radicalized, and how a young Muslim man who […]

Religious Liberty in the Military

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Synod, other advocates speak for religious liberty in secularized military: The LCMS and other groups are speaking up for the rights of U.S. service members to live faithfully amid continued U.S. Defense Department infringements on religious freedom in the military. Despite the Department of Defense’s (DoD’s) claims of accommodating religious expression in the military, a heavily secularized […]

On Ethics: an Annotated List of Recent Books

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Take and Rread: Ethics, an annotated list of the best new titles selected by Jonathan Tran April 24, 2017 — Ten newer books on ethics and agency including Ethics in the Conflicts of Modernity by Alasdair MacIntyre, Brent Waters’ book on Christians and capitalism, a title on the Stoics and the early Christians as rival traditions, and […]

Christians and Public Schools, cont.

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Should Christians Abandon Public Schools? This commentary advocates Christians remaining involved in public education: Influential thought leaders are advocating withdrawal from public life in order to preserve historical Christian beliefs. That includes withdrawal from public schools and other public institutions. But what would a large-scale Christian withdrawal from civic life look like?

Religious Exemptions and the Establishment Clause

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Do Discretionary Religious Exemptions Violate The Establishment Clause? (Draft, University of Missouri School of Law, Research Paper No. 2017-13) The Establishment Clause is not violated when government enacts regulatory or tax legislation but provides, concerning these new burdens, an accommodation for those holding conflicting religious beliefs or practices.  In an unbroken line of cases now spanning a century, […]

Evangelical Colleges and LGBT Students

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Loving the Sinner: Evangelical Colleges and Their LGB Students — From Quinnipiac Law Review 35:147 (2017), 70 pages. In his Obergefell dissent, Chief Justice Robert wrote: “Hard questions arise when people of faith exercise religion in ways that may be seen to conflict with the new right to same-sex marriage.” This article looks at one […]


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