Items included for this subject area come from a variety of sources. The perspectives conveyed may or may not express a Lutheran ethos. They can serve our instruction as discussion-starters, examples (positive and negative), and illustrations of intersections between God’s two kingdoms, intersections sometimes characterized by tension, sometimes by congruence. Inclusion does not imply endorsement.

"Open Book" by R. Marxhausen: the Bible, the book open to us all

Young Evangelicals Avoiding Political Theology


How a new generation is changing evangelical Christianity: This profile on young evangelical Christians reports a shift away from the previous generation’s Moral Majority to “focusing their attention, instead, on improving the lives of people in their local communities.”  Possibly useful for courses on church and society, the sociology of religion, local mission, and the various […]

Religiously Affiliated Law Schools and Democracy


The Role of Religiously Affiliated Law Schools in the Renewal of American Democracy: (Note–one free download) By virtue of their public role, law schools have an obligation to address the breakdown of democracy in order to understand and try to ameliorate it. That task is currently unfulfilled by law schools, which are distracted by marketing […]

Calvin Prof on Radical Watchlist


Calvin Prof on ‘Radical’ Watchlist: Assistant Professor of Social Work Joseph Kuilema at Calvin College provides this report and response to his name being placed on a website watchlist project of Turning Point USA, whose mission is to identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote the principles of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government.

Explaining Tradition and the Law


McConnell on the Relationship of Tradition and Law:  This 60 min. video offers a wide-ranging discussion of why traditions are not wooden and static and how they relate to the law. Stanford Law Professor Michael McConnell is a constitutional law scholar who served as a federal judge on the United States Court of Appeals for […]

The Secular Jesus (again)


Jesus for Atheists (and Agnostics and Nones and Everyone Else): Students can read this interview as an intro to the history of non-Christians stumbling across Jesus and their efforts to interpret and reinterpret his words and works. Such a study might begin with Marcion or perhaps Simon Magus in Acts 8.

Young People Not Leaving Religion


Research Says: Young People Don’t Want Hip Pastors — Researchers at the Fuller Youth Institute report on a four-year study of congregations that are effectively engaging 15- to 29-year-olds. The 250 evangelical, mainline, and Catholic churches studied represent more than 20 denominations, in nearly 40 states, ranging from new plants to churches more than a century […]

American Utopianism, Past and Present


Whose Utopia Is This Anyway? — This medium-length article can introduce students to themes related to Utopian colonies of the past and present with attention to beliefs about the perfectibility of humankind,feminism, the nature of family, a biblical anthropology, and overlaps with the church. “To understand Utopian experiments—what worked for their participants and, more crucially, […]

Lutheran Prison Ministry

General, Social Sciences

‘I was in prison and you came to me’: Lutherans well-suited for ministry to incarcerated:  This ministry of mercy and healing is one about which many in Synod are under-informed. “Behind the barbed wire and watch towers languishes someone’s son or daughter, father or mother, brother or sister who desperately long to hear that Jesus loves them […]


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