Items included on this page come from a variety of sources. The perspectives conveyed may or may not express a Lutheran ethos. They can serve our instruction as discussion-starters, examples (positive and negative), and illustrations of intersections between God’s two kingdoms, intersections sometimes characterized by tension, sometimes by congruence. Inclusion does not imply endorsement.

Gideon Bibles as a Culture Metric?

Are millennials leading the way in rejecting Gideon Bibles?  Students can use this brief commentary and analysis to consider issues in journalism, customer service, culture shift, evangelism, and other ways in which religion and society intersect. “When more people than ever are objecting to any sign of religion in the public square, a well-known hotel […]

Guide to Religious Rights For the Professional Artist

Create Freely: The ADF legal society has published this guide for artists, musicians, designers, artisans, and other creative professionals who seek guidance on managing the current tension between religious liberty and some forms of civil rights activism.  See its p. 22 for “Five Practical Steps” every creative artist can take to protect themselves.

The Local Geography of Wittenberg

What endures in Wittenberg:  Despite its nearness to arms-producing factories, Wittenberg was largely spared the bombing that destroyed so many other German cities during World War II. Ordinary American Lutheran soldiers, it turns out, pleaded with their generals to go easy on the geographical source of their religion. Even for Protestants, supposedly free of saints and […]


Models, Resources, and Suggestions for Instruction

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