Classical Schools: Christian or Charter?

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Classical Conflict: Education profs and students may find this overview of the classical model in Christian schools and charter schools informative. Will classical public charter schools lure Christian parents away from schools that acknowledge Christ as the center of all things? “Just like classical Christian schools, the charters aim to teach students to embrace truth, goodness, […]

Death Penalty, cont.

Social Sciences

Court Returns Again to Death Penalty and Intellectually Disabled: For a course unit or sub-unit on the death penalty issues, this discussion of recent and current Supreme Court decisions can help students survey the issues and arguments. The justices will further consider the legal definition of the mentally disabled exclusion and, in particular, how up-to-date the […]

Why Does Anything Exist?

Natural Sciences, Social Sciences

Answering the biggest question of all: why is there something rather than nothing? — Students can get a start on Liebniz’ question, “Why is there something rather than nothing?” with this brief essay.  The author summarizes the usual responses from theism to multiple universes while leaving the question open.

The Christian, the Congregation, and Public Schools

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Three features, three editorials, book reviews, and an inventory:  In this edition, we look outside Lutheran teaching and consider the issues of the Christian’s involvement in public schools as a student, parent, teacher, or administrator.  With our parochial history in mind, a reader might well ask, “So why is such a publication as this spending effort on public […]

On Students and Identity

I and Thou and Ze? — “What are your preferred pronouns?” My students say such things out of sensitivity to others. In the instances I’ve observed, it’s not a case of narcissistic identity politics gone mad, as some media pundits would have it. But the “identify as” wording does reflect a pervasive unease. We’ve lost our bearings […]

Willa Cather–But a Stranger Here

Lit, Journalism, Perf Arts

Willa Cather’s Answer to Exile: Students might start their reading of Cather with this essay. For Cather, human life is an experience of exile and homesickness. We are all separated from our true homeland—from that place where we are entirely in our element. We live outside the gates of Paradise, at odds with God, our […]

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