God’s Word Produces Faith and Fruit

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God’s Word Produces Faith and Fruit  —  A helpful 7 page essay from Robert Kolb on the priesthood of all believers and vociation: “One of the ways any Christian community bears fruit is in how its care for each other overflows into genuine mutual care for the neighbors and strangers in their midst.”

Of Michael Landon and Brittany Maynard (ass’t suicide)

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Of Michael Landon and Brittany Maynard  —  A juxtaposition piece on actor Michael Landon’s protracted and public death 20 years ago and Brittany Maynard’s legally-assisted suicide today.  Maynard is the subject of a well-planned PR campaign orchestrated by the George Soros-funded assisted-suicide advocacy group Compassion and Choices (formerly known as the Hemlock Society).  A possible […]

Making Payroll: Minimum Wage and Lutheran Non-Profits

Making Payroll: Minimum Wage and Lutheran Non-Profits  —  Many nonprofits, including some faith-based charities and social service organizations, find themselves in the unenviable role of fighting poverty while paying poverty wages.  Mosaic, a Lutheran social ministry serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in ten states, exemplifies this dilemma.

How Biblical Illiteracy is Killing our Nation

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How Biblical Illiteracy is Killing our Nation  —  This position piece explores the thesis that “Study after study in the last quarter-century has revealed that American Christians increasingly don’t read their Bibles, don’t engage their Bibles, and don’t know their Bibles. It’s obvious: We are living in a post-biblically literate culture.”

Pagan Event? NJ School Cancels, Reinstates Halloween

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Pagan Event?  NJ School Cancels, Reinstates Halloween  —  A day after canceling the in-school Halloween celebration, parents received a note home from Acting Superintendent James Memoli saying the cancellation has been reversed, and the event would take place as it has in the past: “The issue regarding whether or not we celebrate Halloween transcends one […]

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