A Trinitarian Response to Racism

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How God as Trinity Dissolves Racism: The widespread Christian failure to understand and experience God as Trinity has provided a breeding ground for both implicit and explicit racism.  This brief essay offers students a way to consider unity and distinction among the sons of Adam and daughters of Eve by starting with Father, Son, and Holy […]

Is “Worldview” a Helpful Term?

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The Merits of Using “Worldview” in Religious Education: Worldview is a useful concept in religious education because of its encompassing character. Three characteristics of “worldview” are distinguished: religious and secular views; organized and personal worldviews; and existential questions.

The Doctrine of Vocation in Lutheran Higher Ed

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The Vocation Movement in Lutheran Higher Education: This article from the Executive Director for the Network of ELCA Colleges and Universities argues that vocation is the a raison d’etre for ELCA colleges if that “no longer means being a college almost exclusively populated by Lutherans?’”  The reader can weigh the validity of the case.

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The Christian College, Academic Freedom, and Freedom of Assembly

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The Good (and Bad) News About Christian Higher Education: ‘Christian colleges are as strong as they’ve been since the 1920s,’ says historian William Ringenberg. But there are challenges on the horizon. This interview explores several current issues in Christian higher education including institutional identity, academic freedom, the role of the Christian scholar, and concern for increasing […]

A Reasoned Defense of Religion

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Does religion poison everything?  Marvin Olasky shares his notes from a debate with Christopher Hitchens, one of the radical atheists of the 2000s. Students can use these notes to assemble their own apologetic when discussing Christianity with their spiritual-but-not-religious peers.

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