American Values Atlas

Social Sciences

American Values Atlas  —  The Public Religion Research Institute has launched the American Values Atlas, a new research tool that allows users to compare and analyze religious affiliation, demographic information, political information, and attitudes on key issues in the United States.

Wesleyan Univ Creates All-Inclusive Acronym

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Wesleyan Univ Creates All-Inclusive Acronym  —  Wesleyan’s housing office has devised an acronym for ”a safe space for [LBTTQQFAGPBDSM] communities and for people of sexually or gender dissident communities.”  It is not clear whether the intent of this effort is serious, preventive, ironic, or other.

Religion’s Role in the History of Ideas

Social Sciences

Religion’s Role in the History of Ideas  — In this brief essay, Michael Roth considers the importance of acknowledging religious experience (Roth is president of Wesleyan University, operating out of that Methodist tradition), responding to texts that challenge assumptions, and weighing the importance of these in student thinking.

School Voucher Case in North Carolina

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School Voucher Case in North Carolina  —  The North Carolina Supreme Court heard arguments for and against the use of public money at private and religious schools.  The justices asked about what constituted a “public purpose,” questioned interpretations of the state constitution and its framers’ intentions, and asked about guarantees for a quality education from […]

Whether Jesuit Colleges are Jesuit and Catholic

All Current Features

Whether Jesuit Colleges are Jesuit and Catholic  —  Within the larger discussion of identity and the Christian university, Atlantic Magazine, Dec. 2014 (“The New Brand of Jesuit Universities”), published an article on Gonzaga University.  This First Things article (and responses) explores the issue further as related Jesuit colleges.

How Scientists Engage the Public

Natural Sciences

How Scientists Engage the Public  —  American scientists believe they face a challenging political environment and the vast majority of them support the idea that participation in policy debates and engagement with citizens and journalists is necessary to further their work and careers.  The AAAS finds that 87% agree with the statement, “Scientists should take […]

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