Some Suggested PhD Dissertations

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Dissertations that are Needed Today: Here are a few thoughts about why you should consider seeking a Ph.D. today. A fascinating dissertation topic would be on alternative ecclesial communities that have taken place in some alternative contexts. Other Ph.D. ideas include factors that are driving people away from denominations and into networks; a global study about the questions people are […]

MS Counseling Student Removed for LGBT Views

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Lawsuit: Former student ousted over gay couple counseling — A suit was filed in federal district court by a former student in the Masters in Counseling program at Missouri State University alleging that he was removed from the program because of his religious views on counseling same-sex couples on their relationships.  The complaint (full text) in alleges […]

Marine, Bible Verse, and the Court of Appeals

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Marine discharged after refusing to remove a Bible verse taped near her cubicle has her day in court: A Marine discharged for failing to remove a Bible verse posted in her work area will have her case appealed in the military’s highest court. Her attorneys believe her case could have wide-ranging implications for how the military approaches religious freedoms.

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights’ Official Position on Religious Liberty

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U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Condemns Recent State Religious Liberty Bills: the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights issued a statement (full text) condemning recent state enactments and proposals protecting religious liberty at the expense of equal treatment for the LGBT community. The Commission said that it will shortly release a new report on the issue of religious […]

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