Can Faith Ever Be Rational?

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Can Faith Ever Be Rational?  –Some people have faith that their spouse won’t cheat on them. Some have faith that things happen for a reason. Some have faith in God. Is there a common commitment underlying these disparate declarations of faith? And can such faith ever be rational?  A discussion on faith, the psychology of […]

Mennonite Ministry Barred from Feeding the Homeless


Mennonite Ministry Barred From Feeding the Homeless — A North Carolina church group said they were prevented from handing out food to the homeless after police threatened them with arrest.  When volunteers went down to their usual weekend spot to dole out the 100 sausage biscuits and the gallons of coffee they had brought to […]

Fifth Grader Religious Rights

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Fifth Grader Religious Rights —  a three judge panel of the U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals has written another chapter in that debate by ruling in favor of a fifth grader who was barred by school officials from handing out invitations to a Christmas party at her church.

Why Science Doesn’t Support Bans on Gay Orientation Therapy

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Why Science Doesn’t Support Bans on Gay Orientation Therapy — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie recently signed Assembly Bill 3371, which forbids licensed professional counselors in the state to “engage in sexual orientation change efforts with a person under 18 years of age.” He cited the American Psychological Association for support.  It is unfortunate that […]

The Secularization Theses – Michael Horton

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The Secularization Thesis — The Secularization Thesis is relatively simple, though the process is complex: As societies modernize, they become less religious. This secularization is both external (a gradual fading of a particular religion from the public square) and internal (a gradual transformation and accommodation of traditional religions themselves).  In this essay, Michael Horton assesses […]

Christian Schools and Racial Reality

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Christian Schools and Racial Realities — Many view Christian schools with suspicion because a significant number of them began operation in the period when the United States was grappling most earnestly with desegregating American school systems in the hopes of vindicating our fundamental belief in equal opportunity. Statistics buttress this suspicion. My argument is that […]

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