As We Forgive

As We Forgive  —  A 10 min. video on young Christian filmmaker Laura Waters Hinson, producer of As We Forgive, the Academy Award winning documentary on the Rwanda genocide and possibilities of forgiveness.  She discusses her work in film, her calling as a Christian, and her new projects.  The film discusses the left-hand kingdom’s efforts […]

Teachers and Religious Apparel in the Classroom

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Teachers and Religious Apparel in the Classroom  —  A 65-year-old Pennsylvania law barring teachers from wearing “religious garb” in class, though rarely enforced, has resurfaced, much to the irritation of school officials and religious liberty advocates.  That law allowed a man to recently register a complaint over a teacher at the East Pennsboro Middle School […]

Gay Christians Choosing Celibacy

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Gay Christians Choosing Celibacy  —  This WaPo feature article on the emergence of gays in Catholic and evangelical circles explores their feelings toward churches, right or wrong as well as the feelings of others in the church toward them.  The piece could serve as a helpful lens on the interpersonal emphasis that influences student perspectives.

Civil Respect for the Unclaimed Dead

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Civil Respect for the Unclaimed Dead  —  Every year since 1896, Los Angeles County has held a somber ceremony for the men, women and children who die there, but whose bodies are never claimed.  This 5 min. audio clip is a poignant and sympathetic account of remembering and not forgetting the dignity of human life, […]

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