Unanimous Religion Decision at SCOTUS

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Religiously affiliated hospitals win Supreme Court pension case: This case study can introduce students to the establishment clause, 7th commandment issues for pension and retirement funds, religious liberty issues, and who says what the church is and is not. The 8-0 ruling reverses lower court decisions that sided with hospital workers who argued that the exemption from […]

The Market as God

When the financial market is god, who pays? —  Among other reviews available, this brief article provides an overview of Harvey Cox’ book, The Market as God (Harvard University Press, 2016), 320 pages. Cox argues that our now-sacralized market endows corporations with personhood, grants them immunity from double jeopardy, gives them the right to a trial by […]

Christianity as an Historical Yet Weird Event

Keep Christianity Weird: This review of Destroyer of the Gods by Larry Hurtado (Baylor, 2016), 304 pages, notes that book reminds us how weird Christianity was to the Roman world. Christianity’s sheer familiarity has desensitized us to its radical claims. Hurtado aims to show how the “odd” became “commonplace,” by surveying the first three centuries of the Jesus […]

Military Expands Religious Affiliation

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Why the US Military Wants Fewer Generic Christians: The general categories of “Protestant, no denominational preference” and “Protestant, other churches” have been removed from the Department of Defense (DoD) list of recognized religions as the US military seeks out more detailed designations for its 1.3 million service members. The Armed Forces Chaplains Board made these changes to […]

Hosanna-Tabor, cont.

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Hebrew Teacher’s ADA Suit Barred By Ministerial Exception Doctrine: The Supreme Court’s doctrine of ministerial exception continues to be worked out in the lower courts, including this case in religious education. In rejecting the plaintiff’s argument that her teaching of Hebrew was cultural, not religious, the court nevertheless commented that “a religious organization could abuse […]

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