Diversity in the Christian University

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Elizabeth Corey, associate professor of political science and director of the Honors Program at Baylor University, offers this essay in which she argues that, “Within a Christian university, the legitimate goods of diversity must be balanced against a notion of unity, an idea of the particular ‘constitution’ of a place—its heritage, its tradition, and the constituency […]

An Illustrated Guide to the 613 Jewish Commandments

Fine Arts

Nothing prepared the art world for “The 613,” the series of 613 paintings by Archie Rand completed in 2008, one for each Jewish commandment.  No gallery or museum has shown them all. To do that, Mr. Rand had to put the paintings between the covers of a book. “The 613,” a wonderfully garish book with […]

Interview with Hastings Bioethicist Daniel Callahan

“Daniel Callahan on Communitarian Bioethics” is a mid-length interview with the founder of the Hastings Center, the leading study- and thinktank in bioethics.  Students can gain a helpful survey of the field in this discussion.  Callahan’s forthcoming books is Five Horsemen of the Modern World: Disease, Food, Water, Chronic Illness, Obesity (Columbia University Press, 2016)

Can a 5-yr-old Decide Her Own Death?

This human interest piece from The Daily Beast discusses a distressing case of child illness and likely death.  Students will find interesting the case itself and the ethical issues–but also the writer’s characterization of religion, “heaven” put in quotation marks, and assertions about what is certain and what is not.  Hebr. 11:1-3 comes to mind. […]

Religious Freedom: The Forgotten Liberty?

The news museum in Wash. DC, the Newseum Institute, and the libertarian organization, Spiked, sponsored a 1 hr. panel discussion on religion and free speech.  The panel includes representatives from the Alliance Defending Freedom, the Secular Policy Institute, the Acton Institute, and an independent legal commentator.  Students can consider the several views set out in this […]

A Missionary in the Big Leagues

Athletics & Health

Ben Zobrist is now the utility man who plays second base for the Kansas City Royals.      The night before he first left home to join the Astros’ affiliate in Troy, N.Y., he told his father, “I’m going to be a missionary in the big leagues.”  And so he has been, whether by organizing Bible studies with […]

Integrating Faith and the Environmental Sciences

In this essay, “Integrating Faith and Learning with the Trinity,” Mary Korte argues for a robust application of theology to the curriculum and presents a thorough discussion of such an application to the environmental sciences: “The goal at a Lutheran university should not be to integrate a generic spirituality, an inoffensive but vapid Christianity, or a […]

On the Road with Dante

Lit, Journalism, Perf Arts

What might medieval Catholic poet Dante Alighieri teach Protestants today? Dante’s masterpiece, The Divine Comedy, has been rightly called “one of the essential books of mankind.”  While The Divine Comedy most clearly reflects the Catholic faith of the poet and his medieval world, it hints at some principles the Reformation would bring to bear on the church two […]

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