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The Christian Intellectual — A thoughtful column by R.R. Reno, editor of First Things, on the vocation and character of the professor who is a Christian.  Among other themes, Reno notes the tension of our work being both conventional and peculiar and the importance of each.

Two Inventories on Moral Response and Reasoning

Two Inventories on Moral Response and Reasoning – These two unrelated sources offer a variety of topics, features, and examples that might be used in various disciplines from genetics to philosophy. Radiolab Season 2/Episode 3, Morality, includes several vignettes of the current usual topics in science and morality.  The Evolution of Conscience from First Things […]

New Christian Voices: Lila Rose

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New Christian Voices Series: Lila Rose — Catholic pro-life activist Lila Rose has gained attention for her covert investigations of Planned Parenthood while still in college.  This 9 minute video may provide content for a unit starter, a focus for pro- and con- discussion, or a case study for journalism, social activism, the culture wars, […]

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