Free to Serve: Protecting the Religious Freedom of Faith-Based Organizations

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“How Christian Institutions Can Stay Christian Amid Secular Pressure” is a thorough interview with the authors of Free to Serve: Protecting the Religious Freedom of Faith-Based Organizations by Stephen Monsma and Stanley Carlson-Thies (Brazos, 2015, 208 pages).  They discuss the concept of principled pluralism and strategies to offset the secular assumption that only nonreligious ideas should inform civil […]

The Benedict Option: Opt Out, Opt In, or Both?

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“What Happens When the Moral Majority Becomes a Minority?”  This article overviews a response to the culture shifts call “the Benedict option” that has received some attention from both Christian and  non-Christian commentators.  Student can use the essay as an introduction to the discussion of whether the church should step back from the current culture, or […]

JLE: Faith and Justice

From the Journal of Lutheran Ethics:  Lutherans have a complex and complicated relationship with the public and organized struggle for social justice, especially when it involves political action and taking a prophetic stance. Calls for the church’s active involvement in social, economic and political causes is often viewed with suspicion. Luther himself had a complicated relation […]

The Puritan Influence on the Press

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Christian belief and the 325th anniversary of American newspapers:  America’s first newspaper was published 325 years ago in Boston.  Publications in the 17th century usually put out only news that would make the king or his officials look good, but New England Puritans encouraged the reporting of bad news because they saw everything, good and […]

Hinxton Group Anticipates Genome-Edited Human Reproduction

The Hinxton Group, an international consortium on stem cells, ethics, and law, has published their Statement on Genome Editing Technologies and Human Germline Genetic Modification:  “We acknowledge that when all safety, efficacy and governance needs are met, there may be morally acceptable uses of this technology in human reproduction, though further substantial discussion and debate […]

Religious Liberty and Civil Rights

This 45 min. exchange from The National Constitution Center on various proposals of legislation regarding religious freedom and equal rights touches on several of the disparate, conflicting, and confusing issues in advocacy, practice, and the role of religion in the public square. While the discussion wanders a bit, it does serve as a way to […]

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