Two Pieces on Refugees

Social Sciences

Evangelical Experts Oppose Trump’s Refugee Ban from Christianity Today and American ‘Christianity’ Has Failed from Sojourners — These two articles may be useful for addressing the refugee issues for church and for the civil order from somewhat different perspectives.

An Intro to the Dark Energy Research

Natural Sciences

Through a Glass, Darkly: This feature article written for a broad audience looks at some projects investigating dark energy, which theorists say makes up 70 percent of the universe. The search began two decades ago when astronomers measuring the speed of stars learned the universe seems to be expanding faster and faster. What could counteract gravity? […]

On Paradox and Complexity

All Current Features

Preaching Paradox and the Paradox of Preaching: a brief yet thoughtful discussion about conveying the faith to the faithful and others who are interested.  Though directed at preaching, the theme applies to teaching, conversation, and other ways that “dangling questions can be more powerful than trite answers.”

What’s a Religion Today?

Social Sciences

The Last Jedi? In Real Life, Jedi Can Be a Religion;  Court Says Environmentalism Is Not A Religion —Students can examine these two cases for elements and charateristics of what the culture may or may not recognize as religion. May be useful for courses in sociology, psychology, world religions, public policy, and mission.

The Distinctive Christian Citizenship Series

Distinctive Christian Citizenship: This series of articles presents a variety of approaches and ideas to help Christian citizens bear the office of citizenship faithfully and distinctively  The series will include theological reflection, formative and sustaining practices, philosophical explication, systemic analysis and exhortation, and some examples of what this looks like in a local community.

A Brief Apologia for Art and Christianity

Fine Arts

Christ the Artist, We the Portfolio: To listen and learn about faith, art, and mission, begin with the words of Jeremiah: “The vessel he was making of clay was spoiled in the potter’s hand, and he reworked it into another vessel.” Here is the essence of art and the essence of Christianity in one sentence. […]

A School Voucher Debate

All New Briefs, Social Sciences

School Choice Bill Heard: This 3 min. audio clip serves as an example of current school voucher debates in several states. Proposed tax credits for scholarships to nonpublic schools provoked opposition from public school supporters at a public hearing at the Nebraska State Capitol. Students and congregations can consider the positions presented here, then further consider […]

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