Religious Diveristy and Pitfalls Increasing in the Workplace

Business, Econ, Marketing

   Religious Diversity in the Workplace — The American workplace, like the rest of U.S. society, is becoming more religiously diverse and that is raising concerns about employer accommodations for believers — and increasing the odds for uncomfortable moments around the water cooler.  “There’s a clear sense in the data, especially among white evangelicals, that […]

A Wretched Defense for the Humanities

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 Lutheran education is historically embedded in Luther and, particularly, Melanchthon’s commitment to the liberal arts, humanism, the humanities, and the service of these studies to the relevance of God’s word.  In June, 2013, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences released their blue ribbon panel report on the state of the humanities called “The Heart […]

Pitching With a Purpose

Athletics & Health

Pitching with a Purpose — Clayton Kershaw, pitching ace for the Dodgers, said he wants to be known as a Christian who happens to play baseball, not as a baseball player who happens to be a Christian. Judging by his on-field accomplishments, he has his work cut out for him: He’s a three-time All-Star, a […]

Baseball: Drugs, No; Surgery, Yes? (from NPR 13.7)

Athletics & Health

Is It Fair For Baseball To Reject Drugs But Embrace Surgery?  Why do we view the use of a particular brand of artificial, performance-altering technology–shoulder surgery for pitchers–as exemplary of the positive role medicine plays in baseball, but we view the use of other kinds of medical technologies — performance-enhancing medicines — as somehow anathema?  […]

Faith in Fiction

Lit, Journalism, Perf Arts

Faith in Fiction  While religion significantly matters in minor literary contexts today (as with the eccentric popularity of Amish romance novels) and in vulgar commercial contexts (as with Dan Brown’s books), serious literary fiction largely occupies its very own naked public square, shorn of any reference to religiously informed understandings of who and what we […]

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