Human / Mouse Hybrid: Glial Cell Transplants

Natural Sciences

Human / Mouse Hybrid: Glial Transplants Nero-scientists injected some human glial cells into the brains of newborn mice. The mice grew up, and so did the human glial cells. The cells spread through the mouse brain, integrating perfectly with mouse neurons and, in some areas, outnumbering their mouse counterparts. The researchers say these mice are […]

The Case for Educational Pluralism

The Case for Educational Pluralism: Alternatives to the state-funded educational monopolyby Ashley Rogers Berner–Recent American educational innovation—charter schools, vouchers, cyber-education, Teach for America—are encouraging educational diversity, but they can only go so far. Lasting, structural change requires reframing “public education” to mean publicly funded or publicly supported, not exclusively publicly delivered, education. This in turn […]

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