Making Religion Safe for Democracy

How to Make Liberal Democracy Safe for Religion: J. Judd Owen’s Making Religion Safe for Democracy challenges both secular and religious thinkers. As Owen argues, the ascendant form of philosophical liberalism, with its tenuous claims to be a space without any religious commitments, is “not well equipped to confront a world of resurgent religion, particularly […]

Law Suit: High School Curriculum on Islam

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Suit Challenges High School History Unit On Islam: The parents of a high schooler filed suit in a Maryland federal district court this week alleging that a two-week unit on Islam in the La Plata High School 11th grade World History class unconstitutionally promoted Islam over Christianity and Judaism.  This case is one among other challenges […]

Gleiser Series on Origins

Natural Sciences

The Search For The Oldest Life On Earth:  This article begins a series by Marcelo Gleiser on “what we know of the complicated question of the origin of life on Earth — and the possibility of life elsewhere.  There are three essential questions we may ask, none with a simple answer: When did life originate? […]

God and Baseball

Why sportswriters keep ignoring this MLB pitcher’s Christian faith:  Daniel Norris makes no secret of his Christian faith — no secret at all. So why do sportswriters — again and again and again — either totally ignore that aspect of Norris’ character or keep the nature of his faith vague?  There’s a reason why “God” talk […]

The Many Roles of Chaplains

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Along the Edges of Faith: The Many Sectors of American Chaplains: Despite the formal separation of church and state in the United States, congressional and military chaplains are paid with public funds, as are prison chaplains. This article reviews a new documentary called “Chaplains: On the Front Lines of Faith” and discusses the perception and roles of the […]

ADF Expects Growing Legal Challenges

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The ADF has prepared a free 44 page guide that “any church or Christian organization can follow to prepare itself for potential legal action related to non-discrimination laws” and recommends: update the organization’s statement of faith on the issues of marriage, human sexuality, and gender; ensure that the organization’s facilities usage policies allow only uses […]

Spirituality Redux: Recycling the Numinous

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Americans may be getting less religious, but feelings of spirituality are on the rise: The growth of the unaffiliated population and their decreasing religiosity have been the main factors behind the emergence of a less religious public overall. But, interestingly, the rise in spirituality has been happening among both highly religious people and the religiously unaffiliated.

Art, Christianity, and Islam

Fine Arts

Of Course Religion: In this free-ranging interview, a Christian and a Muslim discuss their common ground of art and its capacity for changing us: “The average Christian no longer knows his own religion. His religious knowledge has trickled out as from a split-open bag. And so it happens that Navid has an advantage: he’s a […]

Religion and Evolutionary Psychology

Natural Sciences, Social Sciences

Why humans find it hard to do away with religion: A summary and critique of current explanations for religion from evolutionary psychology — “The belief that we live under some kind of supernatural guidance is not a relic of superstition that might some day be left behind but an evolutionary adaptation that goes with being human. […]

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