AAUP Criticizes Title IX Enforcement

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AAUP Slams Education Dept. and Colleges Over Title IX Enforcement: The U.S. Education Dept. and college administrators are fighting sexual harassment and assault on campuses in ways that trample faculty members’ rights to academic freedom, due process, and shared governance, the American Association of University Professors argues in a draft report released on Thursday. The report […]

When to Disobey

Why All Christians Should Consider Civil Disobedience: The April 2016 cover story for Christianity Today explores the issue of when to say no to Caesar.  Lutheran readers can further explore this issue in terms of the doctrine of the two kingdoms and the Reformers’ dealings with their regional princes, electors, and Rome.

Polygamy, Due Process, and Equal Dignity

Polygamy after Windsor: What’s Religion Got to Do with It? Although First Amendment jurisprudence would subject polygamy bans to a higher level of scrutiny, this heightened protection comes at a cost. The landmark same-sex marriage case, United States v. Windsor, and the opinion’s protected liberty interest of “equal dignity” provide polygamy advocates with substantive grounds to protect their […]

Hacking the Rule of St. Benedict

Can Monasteries Be a Model for Reclaiming Tech Culture for Good?  Monasteries ushered civilization through the Dark Ages; perhaps unMonasteries, sparing the dogma and self-flagellation, can keep alive the promise of a liberating Internet as companies like Google and Facebook tighten their grip. Hackers are transforming an ancient city into a prototype for the future.  As […]

Hamilton (the musical) and Biblical Literacy

Here’s Every Biblical Reference in ‘Hamilton’:  The libretto is highly literate, loaded with references to the Founding documents, the age of Enlightenment, Shakespeare, contemporary rap—and of course, the Bible. From King George to Aaron Burr, the hit musical’s biblical literacy makes its story and characters even richer.  Students can contrast this work with the more typical pop […]

Moral Relativism Now So 1990s

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The Death of Moral Relativism: The shift in cultural artifacts from the late 20th century to now illuminates America’s changing moral framework. Law, virtue, and a shame culture have risen to prominence in recent years, signaling that moral relativism may be going the way of the buggy whip.  The writer explores whether music, entertainment, and politics are […]

Hieronymus Bosch: Painting the Human Condition

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How Hieronymus Bosch Defied the Ideals of an Age: Bosch (c.1450-1516) did not celebrate human folly.  He painted it as an affront, innate perhaps, to God’s order. Mankind, for him, found it so much easier to disobey God’s strictures than to obey them, and humanity was one long parade. The people in his pictures – the misers, […]

Free-Exercise Right or Anti-Establishment Immunity?

The Religious-Question Doctrine: This essay argues that the source of judicial inconsistency in applying the U.S. religious-question doctrine is confusion about whether the doctrine protects a free-exercise right held by religious individuals and groups against government interference, or is instead an anti-establishment immunity stemming from a structural disability on government (and especially judicial) action with respect […]

Contingency, Convergence, and Grand Narratives

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Headed toward Christ: This essay, quite readable for students, addresses narrative views about progress, randomness, history, and nature.  It also serves as an example of drawing together convergent themes to examine a complementary approach to science and religion with Christ as the end or telos of nature and history.  Much to agree and disagree with along […]

The Good Death: Dying in America

‘The Good Death,’ hard to find, and religion’s role may be to blame: So writes Ann Neumann in The Good Death: An Exploration of Dying in America (Beacon Press, 2016). “The Good Death” is a call for people to examine their own wishes around end-of-life issues and decide what role religion — either theirs or that of […]

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