Divorced, Remarried, and Catholic: Please Don’t Change Church Practice

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Divorced, Remarried, and Catholic: Please Don’t Change Church Practice  —  This first person essay  from a divorced Catholic (“My Plea”) argues for maintaining that tradition’s divorce exclusion from the Eucharist.  As a discussion artifact, students may find much to respond to, pro and con, in considering marriage, culture, and ways in which the church is […]

Reformation Day: an essay by Timothy George

Lutheran Tradition

Reformation Day  —  An essay by Timothy George for this year’s Reformation Day: “It is good to remember that Martin Luther belongs to the entire Church, not only to Lutherans and Protestants…. Luther taught that every human being at every moment of life stands absolutely coram Deo, before God, confronted face-to-face by God. This led […]

The Classic Heresies Endure

The Classic Heresies Endure  —  Many Christians (not surprisingly) hold views condemned as heretical by some of the most important councils of the early church.  This survey from LifeWay Research reveals a significant level of theological confusion that can be used to demonstrate the linkage between cultural influences and theological uncertainty and error.

Women’s College Re-defines ‘Women’

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Women’s College Re-defines ‘Women’  —  Mount Holyoke College announced that the school would accept openly transgender students, including students who were born male but identify themselves as women.  The policy change comes after Mills College in Oakland, Calif., announced this summer it would accept “self-identified women” into its all-women’s school.

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