An Essay on Emotivism and Natural Law

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An Essay on Emotivism and Natural Law  —  A current theme in assessing the culture wars examines the philosophical tradition of natural law (Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas) and how this concept may inform discussions on race, sex, inclusion, identity, and other dimensions of human nature.  Some find this theme compelling; some do not.  This essay […]

Editing the Human Genome

Natural Sciences

Editing the Human Genome  —  Here is the NPR audio spot (4 min.) A new technology called CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced, short palindromic repeat) could allow scientists to alter the human genetic code for generations. That’s causing some leading biologists and bioethicists to sound an alarm. They’re calling for a worldwide moratorium on any attempts […]

A Case Study on the Governing Authorities and Systemic Sin

A Case Study on the Governing Authorities and Systemic Sin  —  The Ferguson, MO, unrest has prompted a point/counterpoint exchange among two widely followed Christian sources.  Franklin Graham has posted an obedience position on his FB blog, and Sojourners has responded with a perspective that says such matters are not that simple.  Christianity Today offers […]

An Essay on Reason, Theism, and Culture

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An Essay on Reason, Theism, and Culture  —  One criterion by which a culture’s attainments are assessed is the extent to which it gives scope to man’s capacity for reason.  Less appreciated, however, is the extent to which a society’s capacity to embrace full-bodied conceptions of reason depends upon its dominant understanding of the Divine.

Interview with Nancy Pearcey

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Interview with Nancy Pearcey  —  This 1 hour interview with Nancy Pearcey explores her background and work in Christian apologetics from a Reformed perspective, including her recent studies in modern secularism.  Could be useful in the arts, theology, literature, and communication studies.

Anglicans and Science

Natural Sciences

Anglicans and Science  —  The Church of England is set to invest £700,000 in a new program that aims to promote greater engagement between Christian leaders and the scientific community.  The program will offer trainee priests and others access to resources on contemporary science.

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