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The Christian, Lutheran Faculty: This edition of Issues in Christian Education offers 8 readings to assist with considering the formation of faculty, including three editorials, three feature articles, and a summary of ten recommended readings. Includes content for elementary through college.

Student Debt: the Practical, the Ethical

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Journal of Lutheran Ethics, Feb. 2017: Many theological topics remain priorities in the life of millennials, yet there remains a deep concern about the sustainability of these priorities given the immense debt that so many have accrued. Theset two articles offer common sense ways of preventing debt from standing as a barrier to a professional vocation; […]

Beyond the Culture Wars: Culture Care for Christians and Other Artists

Culture Care: Reconnecting with Beauty for Our Common Life by Makato Fujimura (IVP, 2017) — In Culture Care, artist-author Fujimura issues a call to cultural stewardship, in which we become generative and feed our culture’s soul with beauty, creativity, and generosity. We serve others as cultural custodians of the future. This book on cultural stewardship is […]

Update on Boy Scouts and Trail Life

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Boy Scouts Christian alternative sees ‘tremendous response’ after transgender decision: Since the Boy Scouts of America decided to accept transgender youngsters, there appears to be a growing market for a different kind of scouting group. The BSA does not require troops chartered by houses of worship to accept children who do not identify with their birth gender. Nevertheless, the […]

Vouchers and Parochial Schools, cont.

The Catholic Schools Saved by Vouchers: In Milwaukee, Catholic churches have kept their schools alive with the help of vouchers. A National Bureau of Economic Research working paper explains that vouchers actually staved off imminent school closures in Milwaukee, though they did not improve the church’s overall finances. The research shows that vouchers can both help and hurt […]

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