Local Pastor as Public School Champion

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Local Pastor As Public School Champion — Don Coleman, Richmond VA’s newly elected school board chairman, wants more churches to adopt local, struggling schools. Coleman’s dream is that every one of the 48 Richmond schools would have a church that serves them, asking nothing in return, until the school invites them to be a part […]

A Teacher Fired

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A Teacher Fired — Korey Maas offers some background and context on a religion-in-public-school story about a first-grade teacher who refused to let one of her students share Christmas candy canes with notes about Jesus attached.  Maas’ concern is that “conservative and Christian media have made it even more difficult to take seriously the many […]

Religious Rights in a Changing Society

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Religious Rights in a Changing Society — NPR’s overview of the issues in play as cultural changes conflict with 1st Amendment rights for churches, church-sponsored agencies, and large and small businesses whose owners assert their religious convictions.  This 7 min. audio clip touches on selected examples and some of the main themes.

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