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The Evangelical Academy  —  “Rather quickly over the past few years,” says Richard Mouw, “the question of the right of religious institutions to ‘discriminate’ on the basis of religious convictions has become an urgent topic for many of us.”  Yet Jesuit colleges such as the Loyolas  host plenty of non-Jesuit profs. Evangelical academic institutions are […]

When Sex Offenders Confess to Clergy: Three Mistaken Beliefs


When Sex Offenders Confess to Clergy: Three Mistaken Beliefs  —  Boz Tchividjian is an associate professor of law at Liberty University and former prosecutor who examines whether pastors are prohibited from reporting child sexual abuse disclosures made by perpetrators.  See also Uncle Sam Eavesdropping Outside the Confessional Booth and the CTCR study document, “The Pastor-Pentitent […]

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