Je Suis?

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Je Suis?  —  Among the many commentaries on Charlie Hebdo, here is Jim Wallis on religious fundamentalism, secular fundamentalism, and other thoughtful commentators.  “While freedom of speech has been invoked throughout the media coverage of the attacks, the religious implications here run deeper. They are about how the faith community should respond when we are […]

Catholic Doicese Employment News?

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Catholic Diocese Employment News?  —  As church institutions continue to assess the cultural landscape and its changing two-kingdoms challenges, this analysis column (not news story) on a case about Miami’s Catholic Archdiocese may be informative and instructive regarding communications and perceptions.

The Christian Anti-Science Wars

Natural Sciences

The Christian Anti-Science Wars  —  The Daily Beast has published its 2014 top ten science denial examples.  World Magazine has responded with it’s own anti-science list of seven.  Students can compare and contrast positions within the church including climate change, evolution, gender studies, and the multiverse.

The Right Church?

Other Traditions, Social Sciences

The Right Church?  —  Long-time religion writer Richard Ostling (Christianity Today, the Associated Press) offers this approach to guiding church shoppers and seekers: “This request characterizes the church-shopping by many would-be returnees and is worth some attention.”  Of possible interest as spiritual diversity increases on campus.

Top 50 Countries Most Difficult for Christians

Social Sciences

Top 50 Countries Most Difficult for Christians  —  Open Doors released its annual World Watch List (WWL) that ranks the top 50 countries “where Christians face the most persecution,” aiming to create “effective anger” on believers’ behalf.  It wasn’t increased violence that primarily drove persecution to record levels in 2014, but rather increased “cultural marginalization.”  […]

British Churches Assert Magna Carta’s Christian Heritage

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British Churches Assert Magna Carta’s Christian Heritage  —  The Magna Carta is the 13th-century document enshrining the rights, privileges and liberties of the clergy and the nobles.  Considered a founding document for human rights, it enumerates the church’s right to appoint its own clergy, bishops and archbishops following a bitter church-state row about who should […]

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