Whether Jesuit Colleges are Jesuit and Catholic

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Whether Jesuit Colleges are Jesuit and Catholic  —  Within the larger discussion of identity and the Christian university, Atlantic Magazine, Dec. 2014 (“The New Brand of Jesuit Universities”), published an article on Gonzaga University.  This First Things article (and responses) explores the issue further as related Jesuit colleges.

How Scientists Engage the Public

Natural Sciences

How Scientists Engage the Public  —  American scientists believe they face a challenging political environment and the vast majority of them support the idea that participation in policy debates and engagement with citizens and journalists is necessary to further their work and careers.  The AAAS finds that 87% agree with the statement, “Scientists should take […]

Tension in Quebec Over Religious Accommodation

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Tension in Quebec Over Religious Accommodation  —  Debate has been reignited in Quebec over religious accommodation after three mayors blocked Muslim speakers and projects.  Muslims say the new actions taken by the mayors are muzzling their ability to practise their religion, while others argue the moves were made for the greater public good.

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