Challenges and Opportunities After the Supreme Court Decision

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Challenges and Opportunities After the Supreme Court SSM Decision  —  This four-point review of Douglas Laycock’s amicus brief notes that “we will see more challenges to religious student groups, religious universities, and religious social-service organizations” but also “an opportunity—an opportunity to offer a more credible witness to the world as we find it.”

Sex and Danger at UVA

Sex and Danger at UVA  —  An assessment of the chaotic sexual ethos on college campuses:  “There are many ironies in the proposed remedies of surveillance and reeducation. One irony in particular stands out. The same persons who in their youth supported the liberation of the sexes from so-called Victorian inhibitions and morals are now […]

Richar Ostling on the Religious Press

Social Sciences

Richard Ostling on the Religious Press  —  This veteran journalist presents his observations on religion in the mainstream press:   Like science or medicine, religion is a highly complex news beat that suffers when a news organization lacks an experienced specialist.  But newspapers, TV news and allegedly journalistic Web sites are instead tempted to single-source. You […]

Supreme Court SSM Hearings

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Supreme Court SSM Hearings  —  Here are Nina Totenberg’s two NPR summaries on the court arguments in the same-sex marriage case:  Deeply Divided and Hears Challenges.  Here also is the SCOTUSblog summary page.  And this WaPo review lists five issues considered in the arguments.

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