Christianity Grows Among the Migrant Workers in Middle East

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The Pew Research Center numbers Christians in the Arabian Peninsula at 2.3 million—more Christians than nearly 100 countries can claim. The Gulf Christian Fellowship, an umbrella group, estimates 3.5 million. These migrants bring the UAE’s Christian population to 13 percent. Among other Gulf states, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar are each about 14 percent Christian, while Oman […]

Five Federal Judges Criticize 10th Circuit Court Ruling Against Little Sisters of the Poor

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In an almost unprecedented move, five federal judges issued an opinion sharply criticizing their court’s refusal to correct its recent decision that would force the Little Sisters of the Poor to assist the federal government with its contraception distribution plan. The opinion criticizes the decision against the Little Sisters as reflecting a “dangerous approach to religious liberty,” noting […]

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