A Sexual or Asexual Public Square?

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This brief article by David Talcott poses some questions about which students are puzzling but finding hard to articulate.  Does being a man or a woman have any ethical significance for the way we live together in civil society? Is there is something irreducibly significant about being a man or being a woman.  Talcott says our […]

Religion and the Social Sciences

Religion and the Social Sciences, edited by R.R. Reno and Barbara McClay (Cascade, 2015): More often than not it’s a class in the social science that challenges the faith of students, not a class in biology. Does critical understanding of our religious traditions, institutions, and convictions undercut them? Or can a modern social scientific approach deepen faith commitments, making […]

Canada: A Christ-Transforms-Culture Case Study

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In “O Canada — Liberal evangelicalism: a case study,” church historian Mark Noll surveys several studies on the failure of the United Church of Canada to remain a vital institution.  That failure could be described as essentially cultural rather than primarily theological, and that the problem had less to do with that church’s liberal evangelical character or its […]

Appeals courts now split on birth control mandate

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Lyle Denniston updates the ACA birth control mandate cases: enhancing the likelihood that the Supreme Court will soon take up the legality of the Affordable Care Act’s birth control mandate, a federal appeals court has differed with six others and temporarily barred the government from enforcing the mandate.  That outcome came in two decisionsby the U.S. […]

A Question About Evolution, God, and Death

NPR’s Astrophysicist, Adam Frank, encounters the old question about God, faith, and death (1 Cor. 15:12-19). Frank re-frames the question with a quotation from mathematician and former president of Columbia University Frederick Barnard, who says he would choose the hope of faith over any sort of science absent of meaning or purpose.  Dr. Frank is […]

California Legislature Approves Assisted Suicide

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The California State Legislature gave its final approval to a bill that would allow doctors to help terminally ill people end their lives. Four states — Oregon, Washington, Montana and Vermont — already allow physicians to prescribe life-ending medication to some patients. The California bill, which passed in the State Senate by a vote of […]

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