Making Religion Safe for Democracy

How to Make Liberal Democracy Safe for Religion: J. Judd Owen’s Making Religion Safe for Democracy challenges both secular and religious thinkers. As Owen argues, the ascendant form of philosophical liberalism, with its tenuous claims to be a space without any religious commitments, is “not well equipped to confront a world of resurgent religion, particularly […]

Law Suit: High School Curriculum on Islam

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Suit Challenges High School History Unit On Islam: The parents of a high schooler filed suit in a Maryland federal district court this week alleging that a two-week unit on Islam in the La Plata High School 11th grade World History class unconstitutionally promoted Islam over Christianity and Judaism.  This case is one among other challenges […]

Gleiser Series on Origins

Natural Sciences

The Search For The Oldest Life On Earth:  This article begins a series by Marcelo Gleiser on “what we know of the complicated question of the origin of life on Earth — and the possibility of life elsewhere.  There are three essential questions we may ask, none with a simple answer: When did life originate? […]

God and Baseball

Why sportswriters keep ignoring this MLB pitcher’s Christian faith:  Daniel Norris makes no secret of his Christian faith — no secret at all. So why do sportswriters — again and again and again — either totally ignore that aspect of Norris’ character or keep the nature of his faith vague?  There’s a reason why “God” talk […]

The Many Roles of Chaplains

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Along the Edges of Faith: The Many Sectors of American Chaplains: Despite the formal separation of church and state in the United States, congressional and military chaplains are paid with public funds, as are prison chaplains. This article reviews a new documentary called “Chaplains: On the Front Lines of Faith” and discusses the perception and roles of the […]

ADF Expects Growing Legal Challenges

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The ADF has prepared a free 44 page guide that “any church or Christian organization can follow to prepare itself for potential legal action related to non-discrimination laws” and recommends: update the organization’s statement of faith on the issues of marriage, human sexuality, and gender; ensure that the organization’s facilities usage policies allow only uses […]

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