Authority: Says Who?

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Authority, Given and Received: The nature, source, and role of authority is a theme every student needs to consider. This essay approaches the topic in terms of whether authority is conferred or is claimed. “Like most everything else, the question of authority comes down to an issue of theology proper. In the biblical perspective, all […]

Just War as Christian Discipline

Social Sciences

Taking War Captive: This CTQ article by Joel P. Meyer examines several views on the just war theories, including John Howard Yoder, Robert Benne, and Martin Luther, in an assessment of Daniel Bell’s book, Just War as a Christian Discipline (Brazos Press, 2009).  

The Virtue of Anger

Hating the Way Jesus Hates – Why more believers need the courage to get angry at sin: Students in psychology, literature. the neurosciences, political science and other disciplines may find this interview applicable to the proper role of affect in Christian vocation. Aristotle defines “inirascibility,” as a deficit in anger which means not being angry when you should […]

Sports Gambling: Athletic Integrity, Public Integrity

Is Sports Gambling Moral? You Bet, Americans Say: Nearly two-thirds of Americans disagree that it’s morally wrong to bet on sports. Yet 49 percent think sports betting shouldn’t be legalized nationwide. Opposition runs highest among religious Americans. Almost 60% evangelical beliefs say sports betting should not be legalized throughout the country, and 57 percent believe daily fantasy sports […]

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