Ethical Subjectivism and Redefining Death

A Subject Definition of Death:  Some utilitarian bioethicists wants to redefine biological death to include a subjective and sociologically based meaning. Their purpose isn’t greater scientific accuracy. Rather, by making “death” malleable, they hope to open the door further to treating indisputably living human beings as if they were cadavers. Students can consider the author’s arguments […]

Student Expulsion from Catholic School Upheld: Religious Exemption

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Student’s Complaint Over Expulsion From Catholic High School Dismissed Under Ecclesiastical Abstention Doctrine: A Texas state appellate court held that the ecclesiastical abstention doctrine requires dismissal of a breach of contract lawsuit against a Catholic high school brought by a 16-year old student who was expelled and by his parents. “We conclude that St. Thomas’s status as […]

The DOJ DOE Dear Colleague Transgender Letter

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White House To Give Schools Guidance On Transgender Access To Bathrooms: The Obama administration is issuing guidance to schools Friday, saying they must allow transgender students to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity. The administration acknowledges this is “new terrain” for some people and says it wants to help school districts avoid running afoul of […]

The Christian University or the Corporate University?

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The Slow Professor: Challenging the Culture of Speed in the Academy: “The corporate university’s language of new findings, technology transfer, knowledge economy, grant generation, frontier research, efficiency, and accountability dominates how academic scholarship is now framed both within the institution and outside it.” In this slim, 125 page book, authors Maggie Berg and Barbara Seeber (Toronto Univ. Press, 2016) […]

Adulterous Ministers and Permanent Ban

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Few Pastors Say Adulterous Ministers Should Face Permanent Ban From Pulpit: Half of Protestant pastors say their colleagues should step down from the pulpit for a time if they are accused of misconduct. Most say such accusations should be kept in confidence until proven. And few think pastors who commit adultery should be permanently banned from ministry.

Why Teach Theology in the Public University

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Why We Should Teach Theology in the Public University: “Most people don’t study theology at all in college—especially those who attend public universities and colleges. I believe this should change.”  The writer makes a case that today,students need a basic background and understanding of theological concepts in order to make sense of public issues and the views of the […]

Catholic School and SS Marriage Partner Settle Suit

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Catholic school, gay man settle discrimination lawsuit: A food services applicant who lost a job offer from a Catholic high school when administrators learned he was in a same-sex marriage has received a settlement in the case, his lawyers announced Monday. The school had argued it was exempt from the state’s nondiscrimination laws because of its religious […]

Christian Colleges, Profs, and Identity, cont.

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Seventh-day Adventist College Fracas:  Every week, yet another Christian college is in an uproar over clashes between doctrine and 21st century culture. It’s easy to tell a story along the lines of the familiar narrative of conservative-Christian-college-is-trampling-down-academic-freedom. But the reality is a bit messier. We need more details than the Chronicle of Higher Education delivered.

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