The Courts and How to Apply Hosanna-Tabor

Civil Procedure and the Ministerial Exception: Courts should approach the procedural questions left open by Hosanna-Tabor in light of the underlying justification for the ministerial exception. The exception reflects a longstanding constitutional limitation on the competence of courts to resolve “strictly and purely ecclesiastical” questions. To conclude that the exception operates as an affirmative defense […]

On Religion and the Law

Social Sciences

God and the Secular Legal System by Rafael Domingo (Cambridge University Press, 2016). This book offers a theistic approach to secular legal systems, systems that are neither agnostic nor atheist. It covers a range of liberal legal approaches to religious and moral issues and subjects them to critical scrutiny from a secular perspective. Essentially a defense […]

Monty Williams: Death, Tragedy, Faith and Forgiveness

‘You Can’t Give In’: Monty Williams On Life After Tragedy — This depth story discusses in detail the circumstances of the NBA coach and his struggle through the death of his wife from a criminally horrific auto collision to arriving at that peace that passes all understanding.  Students in various courses may find this article […]

Preview: the Trinity Lutheran Supreme Court Case

All New Briefs

Debate: ‘Tire Scraps and Religious Liberty’ at Newseum — A 1 hr debate in video format on the merits and implications of the Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia v. Comer case at the U.S. Supreme Court with Erik Stanley of Alliance Defending Freedom, Daniel Mach of the American Civil Liberties Union, and moderators Rich Wolf of USA Today, Amy […]

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