Talking About God in Public

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Talking About God in Public  —  A review of Rowan Williams’ new book, The Edge of Words: God and the Habits of Language (Bloomsbury, 2014): when we talk about God, we do so mutedly and usually only in the confidence of our private sacred spaces. If we’re going to regain our confidence in finding words for […]

Relationships in America Survey


Relationships in America Survey  —  This study from the Austin Insitute looks at how social forces, demography, and religion continue to shape attitudes about family, marriage, and intimate relationships.  The survey was designed to document trends that affect individual and familial well-being covering a wide variety of human-interest topics, from their participation in religious services […]

The Evolution and Christian Faith Survey

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The Evolution and Christian Faith Survey  —  Americans are not as divided over the issue of human origins as some of the frequently cited [Gallup] surveys and polls seem to suggest. When we carefully define the various possible positions, and measure the certainty with which they are held, both anti-evolution creationists and atheistic evolutionists turn […]

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