The Ethics of Pedophilia

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The Ethics of Pedophilia  —  From Ethicist Ole Martin Moen, University of Oslo, Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature: “Pedophilia is bad. But how bad is it? And in what ways, and for what reasons, is it bad? This is a thorny issue, and sadly, one seldom discussed by ethicists. I argue in […]

Richard John Neuhaus, Warts and All

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Richard John Neuhaus, Warts and All  —  Here is Richard Mouw’s book review of Richard John Neuhaus: A Life in the Public Square by Randy Boyagoda (Image Books, 2015).  Neuhaus was expelled from Concordia Seward when he was a student here in the 1950s as a consequence of his leading panty raids during the A […]

The Benedict Option

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The Benedict Option  —  And from an essay by Damon Linker, here is a perspective on “the Benedict option,” a theme from Alasdair MacIntyre at the close of his book, After Virtue, which proposes a two-kingdoms strategy to develop “local forms of community within which civility and the intellectual and moral life can be sustained […]

Further Discussion on Notre Dame, Core Curriculum, and Theology

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Further Discussion on Notre Dame, Core Curriculum, and Theology  —  Are disciplines the building blocks of university education and thus the proper focus for a core curriculum? Or should we recognize that academic disciplines are “artificial” and reorient our thinking around curricular “goals” such as “critical thinking skills,” “effective communication,” “ethical decision-making skills”? Or the […]

The Plight of Middle East Christians

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The Plight of Middle East Christians  —  Ancient Christian communities in Syria and Iraq are in mortal peril. Can the West find a way to preserve the Christian presence in the Middle East—and stave off a ‘clash of civilizations’?   This WSJ piece is representative an assortment of treatments on this issue.  Could be a starting […]

America’s Changing Religious Landscape

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America’s Changing Religious Landscape  —  The Christian share of the U.S. population is declining, while the share of Americans who do not identify with any organized religion is growing. These changes affect all regions in the country and many demographic groups.  See also the discussion in The Atlantic, “American Religion: Complicated, Not Dead.”

What is Marriage to Evangelical Millennials?

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What is Marriage to Evangelical Millennials?  —  This essay about student responses to the Robert George (a Princeton law professor) article “What is Marriage?” can serve as a lively discussion piece teaching about the ongoing marriage debates.  Selective use of the column’s reader comments can further enliven the exchange.

Liturgy as a Public Event

Liturgy as a Public Event  —  The word, liturgy, comes from the Greek word, “to do a public work.”  This article discusses an exchange occurring in the American evangelicals’ columns about worship, mission, and the nature of liturgy and may assist students with thinking about liturgy and the public square.

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