The Mulitverse, Despair, and Faith

Natural Sciences

From The Christian Century:  There’s a peculiar thread that runs through the more recent writings on the multiverse. It feels like, for lack of a better word, despair. This despair takes two forms.  First, any hope for a grand unifying theory, for completeness of understanding is shattered.  Second, the nonlinear, atemporal infinite of the multiverse hypothesis destroys narrative, […]

Seattle CEO Sued for Raising Workers’ Salaries

From The New York Times:  It’s as if Jesus’s parable about the workers in the vineyard—where latecomers got the same pay as those who worked all day—has come to life.  Earlier this year, Dan Price, a graduate of Seattle Pacific University and CEO of Seattle-based Gravity Payments, made headlines nationwide after announcing plans to raise […]

Lutheran Theology and Economic Ethics

From Lutheran Forum:  Christopher J. Nagel at Concordia Irvine reviews Sean Doherty, Theology and Economic Ethics: Martin Luther and Arthur Rich in Dialogue by Sean Doherty (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014), 228 pp. Doherty’s aim is to present not so much a study in economic ethics but an understanding of  a Lutheran method and rationale of economic thinking.  The […]

On Bioethics and Celebrity Scientists

From The Boston Globe and Mercatornet:  When those without philosophical training speak with authority on philosophical issues, problem ensue.  The authority they hold in one domain – say, science – doesn’t translate in the way they imply.  Richard Dawkins is arguably the most prominent example, but others – such as Neil deGrasse Tyson – are […]

Mennonites Closed for SSM Issue

All New Briefs

From the Becket Fund:  Betty and Richard Odgaard were forced to shut down their Gortz Hause Gallery when the Iowa Civil Rights Commission tried forcing them to personally host a same-sex wedding ceremony in violation of their religious beliefs. The state’s prosecution began after a same-sex couple filed a complaint against the Odgaards for declining to plan […]

Food Truck Ministry Serves Poor

Business, Econ, Marketing

From RNS:  While churches have been feeding the homeless since the beginning of time, these newer ministries are taking advantage of food trucks’ growing popularity among middle-class urban dwellers and they’re dishing out high-end fare that’s several notches above the standard church menu of hamburgers and warmed-over frozen pizza.

Free Speech, Religion, and Europe

From the Economist:  “Whether dealing with terrorism, extremism, racism or privacy concerns, the European default solution seems to involve chipping away at freedom of expression,” argues Jacob Mchangama.  Moreover there has been a clear movement in the wrong direction of suppressing religious freedom. In a short essay published this week, he cites an impressively, almost improbably […]

The Religion of Climate Change

From the WSJ:  When President Obama announced new “Clean Power Plan” regulations to help mitigate climate change, religious leaders were quick to offer their blessing. Some 170 evangelicals—pastors, religion professors, nonprofit directors and others—sent an open letter to the president “to offer our support and encouragement for your efforts to overcome the climate challenge.”

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