God, Locke, and Liberty: the struggle for religious freedom in the West

Students may use this piece to examine and compare Enlightenment liberty with Christian liberty. In “Rethinking Lockean Liberty,” reviewer Daryl Charles reviews God, Locke, and Liberty by Joseph Loconte (Lexington, 2014): The central burden of Loconte’s treatise is that despite renewed scholarly attention to Locke, the religious character of A Letter Concerning Toleration has been slighted. Due to […]

A Theology of the Cross and Christian Suffering

How do we understand suffering through a theology of the cross? This question allows for an open dialogue with the subject allowing for a fuller exploration of the topic at hand. The question that most people are really asking is how to understand suffering. The answer to this question can only rightly be understood through […]

Memory and Tradition

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This edition of Comment, edited by James K.A. Smith, explores the relationship between memory and tradition. In our devotion to progress and technology, we lopped off our memory–as if tradition was what was holding us back. But it turns out forgetting hobbles progress too. A biblical imagination remembers forward. The remembering enjoined by the Torah looks forward […]

Muslim: Neighbor or Enemy?

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Students can agree and disagree with well-known Christian writer Philip Yancey in his article, Paris and Beyond:  J. Dudley Woodberry, a specialist in Islam at Fuller Theological Seminary, asks, Is the Muslim my enemy or my brother? His answer: both.  A central difference exists between the two faiths. One, born at Pentecost, thrives cross-culturally and even […]

The Evolution of Atheism: The Politics of a Modern Movement

New from Oxford University Press (280 pages): The New Atheist movement uses Darwinism to diminish the authority of religious institutions and belief systems and have embraced it as a metaphor for the gradual replacement of religious faith with secular reason. They have posed as harbingers of human progress, claiming the moral high ground, and rejecting with intolerance […]

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