The Surprising Beauty of Divine Providence in Isak Dinesen’s “Babette’s Feast”

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The Artistry of Grace:  The Lutheran tradition insists that the spiritual is not above the material. Dinesen’s stories all celebrate physicality as something deeply spiritual. “Babette’s Feast” does so in excelsis. In style it is stark but shining; in plot it is unpretentious—indeed nothing more than one long anecdote—but also a complex interweaving of characters and […]

Biblical Liturgy as an Instructional Model

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Habit-Forming — Liturgies of Education: The  liturgy is one of the Spirit’s instruments for shaping godly persons and communities, and the same is true in education. This 46 min. video from Peter Leithart will explore implications of this perspective and present examples of healthy and unhealthy educational rituals. Every educational model assumes an answer to the […]

Ponder Christian Soldiers

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Why I’m Not a Conscientious Objector is another installment in the CT series on Christians and service in the armed forces.  This first-person account explores the writer’s tension as he explores an Anabaptist community opposed to such service and his participation in Centurions’ Guild, a group of veterans and service members that helps Christian communities have […]

Emotivism and the Supreme Court

An empirical analysis of emotional language in legal briefs before the Supreme Court:  Supreme Court opinions employ controversial emotional language aimed to tug at the heart strings and to provoke ire, yet the Justices counsel lawyers to avoid such emotional language.  “Our model predicts a 0.61 probability that the petitioner wins a Justice’s vote when […]

Issues in Bioethics

In this assessment of ethical theory in current bioethics, David S. Oderberg, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Reading, UK, discusses six current confusions and errors in agenda-driven bioethics studies and reports: “You could say they misunderstand the function of argument, which is to get to the truth, not to advance a previously-adopted policy.” […]

Trinity Luth Pre-School to the Supreme Court

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The ADF has filed a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court behalf of a Trinity Lutheran Church’s Child Learning Center, Columbia, MO, which was denied access to a state program that provides recycled tires to surface children’s playgrounds. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit upheld a federal court’s decision that ruled the state was justified in […]

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