Schools Closed Over Islam Homework

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Officials closed all schools in Augusta County, VA, as a safety precaution when parents were distressed by a world geography assignment from the schools’ standard textbook in world religions.  The assignment:”Here is the shahada, the Islamic statement of faith, written in Arabic. In the space below, try copying it by hand. This should give you […]

Do Christians And Muslims Worship The Same God?

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Do Christians And Muslims Worship The Same God?  and  Round-Table Discussion.  These two audio clips follow up on the Wheaton College soc prof situation and to what extent Christians may identify with the convictions of other religions.  The round-table discussion is 6 min. and can help students begin to make some distinctions that avoid the usual […]

Faith on Canvas

Fine Arts

Captured on Canvas, a reflection on two paintings for Advent at the National Gallery, is an essay that students may consider about the link between visual allegory and our liturgical allegory of God’s real intervention in history: ” If it is Christmas we are celebrating, then we have left the realm of allegory far behind.”

The Secularization of Funerals

How secular Americans are reshaping funeral rituals:  Students can examine the trend toward cremation as a pattern in sociology, business, religion, family studies, ritual expression, and psychology.  According to estimates by the funeral industry’s main trade group, 2015 is on track to be the year that cremation surpasses burial for the first time, as a long-standing […]

God and Advertising

God May Forgive Ads That Offend, but Customers Probably Won’t:  The advertising industry typically avoids religion, but some advertisers have made God or prayer a part of their campaigns, albeit very carefully. This high-risk, high-reward strategy, if done right, can inspire religious or spiritually minded consumers to act, but if done wrong, it can alienate an […]

Collateral Damage: Same-Sex Marriage, Private Religious Schools, and Parental Rights

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From Ryan Anderson’s Witherspoon Public Discourse site, this legal opinion piece considers argues that same-sex marriage endangers not only religious liberty, but also the school choice movement. We need new laws to protect schools from being forced to adopt sexual orientation nondiscrimination policies in order to be eligible for voucher, tax credit/deduction, or educational savings […]

Three Sources on the Wheaton Soc Prof Case

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Wheaton College Suspends Hijab-Wearing Professor After ‘Same God’ Comment:  Wheaton college has put on administrative leave a professor wearing a hijab to support Muslims — for her explanation, not the act.  These links take you to the initial coverage from Christianity Today here and also here, the Chicago Tribune, and the Religion News Service. Students and […]

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