Agatha Christie and Modern Identity

Lit, Journalism, Perf Arts

Miss Marple and the Problem of Modern Identity: This is a story in which several characters are not — or may not be — who they say they are.  Agatha Christie’s character and amateur detective, Miss Marple, explains why the problem of identity is a particularly significant one for them, situated in their particular time and place. Alan Jacobs […]

Microfinance and the Hope Factor

The Secret Ingredient of Our Poverty Relief: Economists are showing that hope makes a statistical difference in developing nations but that hope comes in two forms. Wishful hope or “hope that” is important but lacks human agency. We hope that something will happen, but believe we have little or no influence over it. Aspirational hope, or “hope […]

Was Einstein Wrong?

Natural Sciences

The Einstein-Bergson Debate: In their 1922 debate, Bergson held that relativity was not a theory that addressed time on its most fundamental, philosophical level but a theory about clocks and their behavior. Bergson called Einstein out for missing the distinction. Bergson was not criticizing Einstein’s theory. He was attacking a philosophy being passed off as part of […]

Technology and Moral Disruption in Bioethics

A Seismic Shift in Bioethics: How moral norms trump even scientific evidence and technology — This position paper can serve as an introduction or polemic piece for examining how scientific and technological developments influence social norms and ethical perspectives.  Useful for courses in bioethics, science and technology, sociology, religion, and business.

The Rise of Workplace Chaplains

Business, Econ, Marketing

Finding Jesus at Work: Why are more and more companies offering access to chaplains as an employee benefit? — Corporations are providing spiritual guidance to workers by means of Christian chaplains? What’s in it for the company? The potential for profit doesn’t hurt. Chaplaincies add value to companies, potentially helping create lower turnover rates, increased levels of […]

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