Appeals Judge Fast-tracks Transgender Case

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Federal judge urges prompt appeal to Court on transgender rights: Arguing that “time is of the essence,” a federal appeals court judge has called for a prompt appeal to the Supreme Court to sort out the rights of transgender students when they use restrooms at school.  At issue in the case of G.G. v. Gloucester County School […]

Rethinking the Legal Definition of Religion

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‘Spiritual But Not Religious’: Rethinking the Legal Definition of Religion – (Note: one download allowed) Courts and legal scholars misunderstand a burgeoning group of Americans who identify as “spiritual but not religious,” excluding them from religious protection. A recent case dismissed as nonreligious the beliefs of a plaintiff whose beliefs are paradigmatic of this growing cohort. […]

Religion, Social Issues, and Labels

When Being Pro-Life Did Not Mean Being Conservative: Students can use this Q&A to consider the extent to which terms such as “liberal” and “conservative” are useful when assessing social views informed by religious heritage and theological traditions.  The article explores a time when liberal Democrats opposed abortion with vigor, and conservative Republicans remained largely indifferent.

The Courts on Church as Religion, Church as Business

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Should Courts Get to Define Religion? The Massachusetts Supreme Court will decide whether a local shrine should be tax-exempt. The city of Attleboro has decided that $4.9 million in property is not used for religious worship or instruction. They declared that a maintenance shed, coffee shop, conference rooms, and a religious bookstore—along with the forest preserve that […]

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