Ending Extreme Poverty

Social Sciences

An Interview with Ana Revenga–Ending Extreme Poverty: This discussion of the the poor and left-hand kingdom notes that considers that for the first time in history less than 10 percent of the world’s population was living in extreme poverty—down from 37 percent in 1990 and 44 percent in 1981.  Ana Revenga, senior director of the Poverty and […]

The Evenmere Trilogy

A Review of The High House (1998), The False House (2015), and Evenmere (2015): “These three books are wonderfully written fantasy, and Stoddard is nearly as good as C. S. Lewis at recapitulating aspects of the Christian myth. Stoddard’s trilogy does something new and nifty. It is an argument in fiction that narrative is at the […]

From Canada: Personal Autonomy and State Sovereignty

All Current Features

The New Hobbesians: This editorial challenges the Canadian government’s movements toward euthanasia. “C-14 does nothing to protect the right of objecting institutions or individuals to decline to participate in assisted suicide and euthanasia…[and] endorses the Hobbesian dictum that “private consciences” are dangerous because they “weaken” the state, and must be comprehensively subordinated to “the public conscience.”

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