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Proofs of God: Classical Arguments from Tertullian to Barth by Matthew Levering (Baker, 2016) — Levering covers twenty-one theologians and philosophers from the early church to the modern period, examining how they answered the critics of their day. He also shows the relevance of the classical arguments to contemporary debates and challenges to Christianity.

Religious Liberty: Where Now?

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Remarks on “The Future of Religious Liberty” at the Federalist Society’s National Lawyers Convention: Richard Garnett,  law professor at the University of Notre Dame, provides this brief assessment on the post-election shifting ground of religious liberty.  He offers  “one big-picture idea, two reasons for cautious optimism, and three causes for concern” that can help profs, students, […]

Service Learning, Christians, and Univ of Wisc

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UW–Eau Claire to religious students: ‘Your service doesn’t count’ — ADF filed a lawsuit in federal court on behalf of two students at the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire who are being denied credit for mandatory community service because their activities involved religion.  See also the UWEC Daily Cardinal story.

Children, Religion, and Altruism, cont.

Natural Sciences, Social Sciences

Are Religious Kids Meaner or Nicer?  A Christian sociologist responds to two closely followed but contradictory studies and what they tell us about science.  The contradictory studies raise larger questions about the role of research in understand the social world around us as well as the church. Flawed science like one of these study provides justification […]

Two Post-Election Views on Christians and Politics

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Among the numerous responses among Christians to the 2016 presidential election, these two from Alan Sears at the ADF and Jim Wallis at Sojourners can help students consider distinctly different views. Doing so can serve as an intro to or continuance of discussion about God’s two kingdoms and the Christ-and-culture perspectives. Alan Sears: We Have […]

The Music of Incarnation

Lit, Journalism, Perf Arts

The Wondrous Mystery in Song: the capacity of music is to be both emotionally engaging and intellectually compelling, and thus a suitable and versatile vessel for expressing the realities revealed in the Nativity of our Lord. The musical vocabulary of carols has an organic connection with much earlier music; the musical imagination of composers such as […]

Chinese Students in U.S. Encounter Christianity

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Finding God in the U.S.A. — As Chinese international students flood U.S. high schools and universities, many are learning about Christianity for the first time, and sometimes embracing it. Full-blown conversions to Christianity come by the handful, not the ­busload. Changing minds and hearts often takes significant time, investment, and ­hospitality.

Interfaith Homes: 1 in 5

Social Sciences

One-in-Five U.S. Adults Were Raised in Interfaith Homes: One-in-five U.S. adults were raised with a mixed religious background, according to a new Pew study. This includes about one-in-ten who say they were raised by two people, both of whom were religiously affiliated but with different religions. An additional 12% say they were raised by one person […]

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