Consciousness, Time, and Evolution

Natural Sciences

Mind In The Natural World: Can Physics Explain It? — This brief, subtle essay considers a new book that makes some philosophical leaps about science that need some attention rather than being given a “pass.”  Students may have to read it a couple of times and get a little help in seeing the point. But the […]

Revolution or Reform?

All Current Features

Join the Anti-Revolutionary Party:  This edition of Comment considers the strategies of  revolution or reform. “What has been eclipsed in our revolutionary age is precisely a robust vision for reform as a wise, strategic, faithful pursuit of justice and the common good. There might be ways to effect change that don’t require scorched earth, all-or-nothing re-engineering […]

Religious, Non-religious, and the ACA

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3rd Circuit Hears Oral Arguments In Contraceptive Coverage Mandate Case: the U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments (audio of full arguments) in Real Alternatives, Inc. v. Burwell. A Pennsylvania federal district court rejected a challenge by a non-profit, non-religious pro-life group to the scope of the Affordable Care Act contraceptive coverage mandate.  The […]

Vouchers and Public Educ, cont.

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Texas pastor: ‘A classroom is a holy place of learning — not a marketplace of financial gain — This WaPo column considers an independent ministry and outreach group that comprises nearly 2,000 pastors and church leaders from across Texas and works to support public education. The executive director argues against using a business model in […]

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