Marriage: Culture Over Christ?

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Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage: The Triumph of Culture? In this study, Gifford Grobien traces the apparent triumph of the American culture’s view of marriage even within the church. In so doing, he hopes to raise awareness to how the church has let her defenses fall, and to begin to suggest ways that the church might rejuvenate […]

Unpacking Rom. 13 on the Governing Authorities

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Distance, Tolerance, and Honor: Six Theses on Romans 13:1–7  — The intent of this article from James Prothro is not to resolve contemporary ethical and political questions, which would require addressing and evaluating various matters of policy and casuistry. This article is also not meant to encourage or discourage voting for any particular candidate or […]

Managing Religious Liberty and LGBT Rights

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Fairness for All: Evangelicals Explore Truce on LGBT and Religious Rights — The two-kingdoms doctrine is essential for weighing current issues in religious liberty.  Meanwhile, American evangelicals await the prospects for the tense back-and-forth between religious liberty and LGBT rights. In recent months, the CCCU and the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) have discreetly led the […]

Religiously Affiliated Law Schools and Democracy


The Role of Religiously Affiliated Law Schools in the Renewal of American Democracy: (Note–one free download) By virtue of their public role, law schools have an obligation to address the breakdown of democracy in order to understand and try to ameliorate it. That task is currently unfulfilled by law schools, which are distracted by marketing […]

Gideon Bibles as a Culture Metric?

Are millennials leading the way in rejecting Gideon Bibles?  Students can use this brief commentary and analysis to consider issues in journalism, customer service, culture shift, evangelism, and other ways in which religion and society intersect. “When more people than ever are objecting to any sign of religion in the public square, a well-known hotel […]

Faithfulness in a Changing Legal Landscape

The Christian Lawyer — Faithfulness in a Changing Legal Landscape: This article (p. 23) by practicing attorney Renee Carlson offers a mainstreet lawyer’s perspective on the church and the law.  “I was reviewing some internal organizational documents for a Christian school client and was surprised to…noticed the school had acquiesced to language that may have precluded […]

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