50 Years of Good News for Modern Man

A Bible Translation for Everyone? Released by the ABS in 1966, Good News for Modern Man—the TEV—was a cultural phenomenon and one of the most successful religious publications in American history. For 25 cents the public could read a Bible in plain English, representing an important chapter in the post–Protestant Reformation quest to make the Bible accessible […]

Students and Competitive Sport in Christian Schools

Athletics & Health

Faith Informing Competitive Youth Athletes in Christian Schooling: How do students use religious faith to inform their actions in competitive sport? This qualitative study critically reflects on this question based upon the thinking processes and experiences of 15-year-old participants who reported a complex, competitive environment where they integrate, overlook, and avoid their faith as a means to […]

ELCA Intersections Journal, Fall 2016

All Current Features

Preparing Global Leaders for a Religiously Diverse Society: In June, 2016, reps from ELCA colleges and universities met to participate in the Vocation of a Lutheran College Conference under the theme: “Preparing Global Leaders for a Religiously Diverse Society.” Most of the essays of this volume were first delivered at the Vocation conference last summer and address […]

The Cultural-ization of the Funeral

Social Sciences

Saving the Funeral from an Untimely Death: We no longer see funerals as worship. We see them as private, sad gatherings for the family.  But we are here to recall a wider, deeper reality, nothing less than the crux of the cosmos: Christ’s resurrection. Students can examine the funeral as an intersection of our liturgy–“doing a […]

Young Evangelicals Avoiding Political Theology


How a new generation is changing evangelical Christianity: This profile on young evangelical Christians reports a shift away from the previous generation’s Moral Majority to “focusing their attention, instead, on improving the lives of people in their local communities.”  Possibly useful for courses on church and society, the sociology of religion, local mission, and the various […]

The JAMA Study on Abortion and Mental Health

Women’s Mental Health and Well-being 5 Years After Receiving or Being Denied an AbortionA Prospective, Longitudinal Cohort Study — Here is the JAMA study on whether there are associations between having or being denied an abortion with women’s mental health and well-being.  Students can study the research and assess it for methodology, reports on it from […]

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