Faculty and Faith Integration

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Predicting Faculty Integration of Faith and Learning: Concern for the secularization of Christian higher education prompts researchers to investigate the extent that faith and learning are integrated at a faculty level and what factors might predict faculty integration. Faculty and administrators concerned with maintaining faith in the classroom may want to consider the contributing factors discussed. […]

A Spiritual-not-religious Campus Sanctuary

A new kind of sacred space on campus: Despite a drop in enthusiasm for organized religion among young people, many are still looking for avenues to spirituality that value dialogue, understanding, empathy and authenticity. The recently opened Snyder Sanctuary at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Fla., is an architectural answer to facilitate this spiritual search, to help people of […]

The Future Role of the Religious Left

Social Sciences

Don’t Bet On The Emergence Of A ‘Religious Left’: It’s doubtful that a revitalized “religious left” will materialize. The first and perhaps most significant reason for skepticism is that there are far fewer religious liberals today than there were a generation ago, but that doesn’t mean it’s unimportant. Advocacy based in religion offers a host of […]

Does Biology Affirm or Negate the Self?

Natural Sciences

Life Is The Network, Not The Self: The fundamental unit of biology is not the “self,” but the network. This view of life has practical consequences. The fungal growths swarming my Petri dishes have a lesson beyond the immediate practical benefits of managing and studying living networks. Every textbook diagram and every written metaphor shape how we […]

On Being a Religion Writer

Interview With Religion Writer Bob Smietana: Smietana is senior writer at Facts and Trends magazine whose work has appeared in USA Today, The Washington Post, and Christianity Today. “A religion writer is somebody who writes about religion, religious practice, religious from the ideas behind religion to the nitty‑gritty practice to the arguments over money, to the […]

Public School Religion Classes Counter-Productive?

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Bible classes in schools can lead to Strife Among Neighbors: Frank S. Ravitch, Chair of Law and Religion at Michigan State University, notes that if a public school offers a class that focuses on religion or the Bible, the material must be taught without promoting any particular religious position: “Teach it, don’t preach it.” These classes cross the line […]

The Trinity Lutheran Arguments Update

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SCOTUSblog Post-arguments Sources: Several links to assorted summaries and discussions of the arguments before the Justices and their questions and remarks on the case of Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia, Inc. v. Comer.  Those following this case can consider several perspectives and related concerns on the intersections of civil government and church ministries, and how broadly […]

A Former Dispensationalist’s Encounter with Transhumanism

God in the machine: my strange journey into transhumanism — a former dispensationalist Christian (see the Schofield Study Bible) found herself adrift in the world but then found solace in Ray Kurzweil’s radical technological philosophy of transhumanism. But its promises of immortality and spiritual transcendence soon seemed unsettlingly familiar. Students can examine this first person account […]

Christian Educ and Public Accommodation Law

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Expelling a Student May Violate Pennsylvania’s Public Accommodation Law, Even for a Religious College: A Pennsylvania court decided that a Catholic College could be liable for violating the state’s public accommodation law for expelling a student, underscoring the evolving nature of the intersection of public accommodations and religious liberty rights. The shows how a religious college might […]

Free College Tuition Programs

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College Promise Programs: New York has created a free-tuition-and-books program. This site from the Univ of Pennsylvania catalogs and maps various programs that promote college attainment through forms of free tuition. Religious higher education may need to monitor future developments.

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